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Rainy Day Arts Festival!

The 1st annual Rainy Day Arts Festival will take place throughout La Conner on Febraury 4 & 5, 2012. Businesses will host guest artists, live music, hot beverages to keep you warm, special “comfort” menu choices at restaurants, wine tasting, fun decorations to celebrate Rainy Days! Come and stay for the weekend and enjoy the […]

Winter Activities … from our 101 Things to Do list.

While many people only think of La Conner – and the Skagit Valley – during spring and summer, winter is an absolutely wonderful season to spend time in our valley! Sure … we’re known for our tulips and daffodils, water & boating and shopping. We’re also well known as one of the Northwest’s premier destination […]

Wine Tasting in Winter

Take a day-trip through Northwest Washington wine country. If you’re a wine enthusiast, you likely already know that Washington State produces some of the finest wines in the world. And as luck would have it, not only can you taste many of them at our local wine shops, but you can take a tasting tour […]

Winter Day Trips: Beer Tasting

The Northwest has always been known as a region full of talented brewers. That success continues in La Conner – one of Washington State’s favorite weekend getaway destinations. Skagit County is home to several wonderful micro-breweries including La Conner’s own La Conner Brewing Company. Whether you’re looking for a weekend getaway with friends or a […]

Visitor Dock Rentals

The Town of La Conner provides moorage at Benton, Calhoun and Washington Street end floats. Visitor Moorage is available on a short-term basis to visiting boat owners and charter vessels. No commercial boat access is available. We do not reserve for moorage, however, larger vessels (over 45 feet) should call ahead to verify space availability […]

La Conner Civic Garden Club

622 South Second Street La Conner 98257 The Civic Garden Club is a vintage La Conner landmark located on South Second Street, in the heart of La Conner. Built as a Grange Hall, it was the original territorial Courthouse and is now a wonderful location for meetings, weddings, and gatherings of all types. Town of […]

Pioneer Park

Sylvan Pioneer Park is located at the south end of Town on a wooded hill overlooking the Swinomish Channel. The park has cooking facilities and a covered eating area with tables, benches and restroom facilities. The park also features a bandstand located in a natural amphitheater. The park is easily accessible from the town of […]

Maple Hall Conference Center

104 Commercial La Conner 98257 Maple Hall/Maple Center is a beautiful, modern facility located in the heart of historic downtown La Conner. It is available year-round for weddings, banquets, performing arts events, conferences, retreats, and meetings. A layout of the facility is available to download at the Town of La Conner website. For additional information, […]

Swan Lake

The past two weeks I’ve made several different trips from La Conner to I-5 via Conway. And I have loved every single trip! Sure, it’s been windy and it’s been rainy and it’s been gray and overcast. But OH MY GOSH … right now the fields are full of Snow Geese and Trumpeter Swans. And […]

Romantic Getaways are La Conner’s Specialty

Whether you’re newly in love, or celebrating your 50th Valentines day together, we know just what you need … quaint Inns, fabulous food and plenty of time to stroll hand-in-hand. La Conner is Washington State’s most romantic getaway – come celebrate Valentines Day with us this year!

Tiny Town | Big Art

I’ve lived in La Conner since 2004. I’ve been coming to La Conner since 1986. And I have a confession to make. I had no idea of the breadth and the depth of the arts community we have here. No. Idea. I knew we had 3 museums, and I knew we had several galleries, and I […]

The Walkers

One of the great things about small communities is that on any given day you’re likely to see the same people out and about. When I was growing up I lived in a small town, and vividly remember the man who wore striped overalls and a straw hat, while riding his blue Schwinn bike all […]

Call me Mrs. McGregor

When I lived in the big city, I had a wonderful garden. I could plant anything, and as long as I was diligent about slug control, whatever I planted still looked good several months later. Now that I live in La Conner, I love my new garden even more. My garden is full of lovely, lush […]

The Balance Point Social Club

This winter, I have had reason to spend a fair amount of time at Balance Point Physical Therapy. I didn’t even know these folks existed – because, after all, I was a tourist. You see, when you think of yourself as a tourist – as I have done for several years now – when you […]

Red Sauce, Please

It’s a contest. People take this seriously. There are bragging rights to be had. But before the winner of the Spaghetti Cook-off is announced … those of us on the judging panel (actually an entire auditorium of us) get to sample some rockin’ awesome spaghetti. We tasted 6 different red sauces – made by local […]

April Flowers Bring May Showers

While we get our fair share of glorious sunshine in La Conner, this spring has been decidedly wet. It has rained. It has been damp and dark and oh-so gloomy. Spring began in March, sloshed its way through April and dripped into May. But from all of this wetness has come lushness. I can honestly say […]

Standing In Line

I am not a good stand-in-line person. Or at least I didn’t used to be. But as I get older, I’ve realized that becoming impatient – which leads to becoming cranky – which leads to all sorts of stress-related cellular changes in my body – doesn’t make the line go faster. Just because I’m tapping my foot and my […]

Coffee, Cookies and Fleece

Today, I went to town. I tried going as a community member, but darn it – I still felt like a tourist. I think I’m going have to work harder at this no-longer-a-tourist thing. But it was so fun! The sidewalks were full of happy, smiling people (many of whom were carrying bags with purchases […]


When my Dad retired from medicine, he and my Mom built a wonderful vacation home, complete with a La Conner zip code. I cannot, for the life of me, remember names, but give me a number and I’m all over it. 98257. Before my folks even had a house attached to their address, which was […]