La Conner Guitar Festival

Held at Maple Hall and locations
throughout La Conner
May 10-12, 2019


Phone Number: 206.660.6290


It’s the 3rd annual La Conner Guitar Festival!
There is a small, but thriving, tight-knit community of guitar builders across the globe. These are artisans who are committed to building the finest instruments. Attention to every detail in tone and finish is an obsession for these luthiers. It’s a labor of love for them. You won’t find these instruments in most music stores, they are one of a kind, they are works of art. Come meet them and play these instruments at one of the world’s best festivals for this art, right in La Conner!

Listen to, play and shop for some of the most incredible instruments in the world and meet the luthiers who created them.
All this plus concerts and workshops with award winning guitarists!
Where Else Would You Want To Be?