Visit with a La Conner Local at the Visitor Info Center

la_conner_visitor_information_centerThe La Conner Visitor Information Center located at 413 Morris St. is open all year round and staffed with volunteers who live in La Conner.  One of our past mayors is a volunteer!

If you are in town, look for us on the right just two blocks from the round-about.  You will see the big Visitor Info arrow on the side of our building.  You can also click for directions with the Google map.

La Conner Visitor Information Center Hours

Spring / Summer (March 15-September 10)
Monday – Friday 10 am – 4 pm
Saturday  12pm-3pm (Closed Sundays)

Fall / Winter (September 12-March 14)
Monday – Friday 10am – 2pm
Saturday 10 am – 1 pm (Closed Sundays)

La Conner Visitor Information Center Directions

La Conner – Visitors Come Back Again and Again

Known as both an artist enclave and a boater’s paradise, and with a decidedly coastal-community feel, La Conner has an almost magical quality that brings visitors back again and again. It’s the kind of community that many of us yearn for; charming and picturesque, with a vibrancy all its own. The La Conner vibe – that feeling that there’s something exciting humming just below the surface – comes from the fact that the people who live and work in La Conner do love this community and all it has to offer. And those people are ready to help you learn more about La Conner at the La Conner Visitor Information Center.