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There’s a reason why we are so often voted the most perfect Washington state weekend getaway destination and land on top of the romantic getaways Washington state lists– it’s the same reason we love living and working here. Plain and simple … not only is it beautiful, but our community is full of genuinely warm and friendly folks.

Plan your Washington state vacation with La Conner as your home base.  We are located on the Salish Sea between Seattle and Vancouver BC – the Washington state weekend getaway destination, the premier choice for a marina near the San Juan Islands and home to the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival.  


Made From Scratch at Calico Cupboard & Bakery

Calico Cupboard & Bakery is very proud of the fact that the food served at Calico Cupboard is honestly made from scratch with an unusually high standard of food quality and lots of old-fashioned goodness. The bakery products are made at Calico Cupboard from freshly milled, organically-grown, whole grain and unbleached flours when ever possible.

Daffodil Festival Right Around the Corner!

Let's celebrate early spring together at La Conner Daffodil Festival 2020!   As of January 20th, 2020 Early Dutch Master daffodils are starting to peak through our rich soil.  A grand total of nine Daffodil Fields are planted this year by RoozenGaarde Farms.  Use the Bloom Map as your tour guide to view the Daffodils!  The Daffodils will turn yellow on the map when the fields start to bloom.  We expect our Daffodils to be flowering in March, but as always, the exact timing of the bloom will depend on mother nature.
Daffodil Dance - Rachel Joy

Daffodil Fest Poster Contest Finalists - Artist Reception and Art Show

An art show featuring the finalists will take place from Feb 29 - Mar 15 at The Lux Art Center. An artists reception will take place on Saturday 2/29 from 4-6pm. Voting will take place at the show and on-line through our La Conner Daffodil Fest Facebook page.

The Joys and Perils of Bird Photography

What do you need for bird photography? Primarily, patience. While birds won’t complain that their portrait makes them look fat, they also won’t hang around and wait for you to get the lighting just right.