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photo credit: Kirsten Morse

Kayaking in and around the San Juan Islands is a favorite destination for boaters from across the country – and La Conner is a perfect spot with no ferry necessary.

If you love to kayak in the San Juan Islands, there are some wonderful kayak adventures you can take along the Swinomish Channel and our local islands.

A little planning ahead will make your trip more enjoyable – our local kayak paddle hut can help you determine the tide and current directions for the day – it’s much easier paddling if you’ve got the current running with you!  La Conner Kayak also provides tours and rentals!

Going North

You can paddle north along the Swinomish Channel to Twin Bridges (Highway 20 between Burlington and Anacortes) – there are some nice little beaches along the way that provide a good place for a snack, or a quick game of Frisbee toss if you’ve brought along your favorite kayak pooch. Favor the sides of the channel when possible as you may encounter boats who can toss a wake.

Going South

Another favorite paddle is south along the town of La Conner, under the Rainbow Bridge, and either into the Shelter Bay marina for a quick look around, or further south to Hole in the Wall. From Hole in the Wall, there are a couple options, depending on currents and tide. We encourage you to ask La Conner Kayak for their expertise and tips to help guide you to some memorable paddles within the Skagit waterway system.

  • A favorite of knowledgeable paddlers is to access the actual ‘hole’ in the wall – it’s a small opening in the rocks on the southeast side of the channel that, when the tide is favorable, is navigable, and takes you into the Skagit River Estuary. Here’s a nicely detailed blog post from Everyone’s Travel Club that gives you directions and tips.
  • A second option is to stay to the south side of the Channel as it corners west (again, be alert for boats that can send out a bumpy wake). Staying on the south side, head for Goat Island – which has some interesting war-time history including Fort Whitman and Battery Harrison. Accessing Battery Harrison is by foot only and quite difficult – a post from U.S. Forting has a good description and photos. Goat Island is another great place for a picnic stop.

Enjoy a couple of video kayak tours on YouTube

Boating in the San Juan Islands – and the waters nearby – is a wonderful opportunity to enjoy the beautiful scenery of the Pacific Northwest. Whether you’re a power boater, sailor, or personal watercraft paddler, we’ve got lots of options for you. If you love to kayak in the San Juan Islands, come explore our waterways soon!

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