Welcome MD Med Spa and Wellness to La Conner

M.D. Med Spa & Wellness Centers has expanded to La Conner with offices in Blaine and Fairhaven.  M.D. Medical Spa offers the latest anti-aging medical treatments and services, including medical aesthetics, medical lab testing, wellness therapies, bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, and medical weight loss.  International model and television spokesperson Marika Dawe is the CEO.  With over 20 years as an entrepreneur owning health clubs and consulting with health clubs and spa owners throughout the US and Canada, Marika has a passion for health, beauty, and quality of life.

M.D. Medical Spas & Wellness Centers

623 Morris St., La Conner 360.474.3535

Medical Aesthetics & Treatments, BHRT-Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy, Medical Weight Loss Management, Resort Spa Services  Medical Lab Testing & Wellness Therapies