April Flowers Bring May Showers

While we get our fair share of glorious sunshine in La Conner, this spring has been decidedly wet. It has rained. It has been damp and dark and oh-so gloomy. Spring began in March, sloshed its way through April and dripped into May.

But from all of this wetness has come lushness. I can honestly say that right now La Conner gardens are simply stunning.

The greens are that kind of green that you just can’t adequately describe . It’s SO green. From bright kiwi green to dark evergreen green. It’s velvety green everywhere.

Then there are the flowers. Spring flowers just take my breath away. After a long, dark, wet winter (and very, very wet spring!) – these little harbingers of happiness bring out the best in all of us.


Today I went for a walk. It was pouring rain and the puddles soaked my shoes. But it was an absolutely exhilarating walk none the less.

I ventured out into some of La Conner’s residential neighborhoods. And did I ever have a garden feast.

Those April showers did the trick – the May flowers are out and they are stunning.

Not only are the flowers out, but the people who tend those flowers are also wonderfully whimsical gardeners! I had NO idea how fun these gardens – and their gardeners – are!

There are fabulous fences that frame the most lovely, tumbling cottage gardens. A purple fence! A stick fence! I have fence envy.


There are fanciful, over the top, rollicking gardens in front of equally charming houses.


I did not know this until today … the Community Garden Club has a delightful butterfly garden. (Which, by the way, I cannot wait to go back and visit during butterfly season!)


There are tulips everywhere…


And the trees – oh my – the trees. This particular beauty is like a huge, pink, marshmallowy, snowflakey, cloud.


May I just say that if you don’t have a Coral Bark Maple in your yard … plant one. They are spring wrapped up in a gorgeous package of coral and green.


So … to wrap this post up: Regardless of whether you are a townie like me, or a tourist like I used to be, get off the grid and walk our neighborhoods. I guarantee that you will find lush, lovely, whimsy around every turn.

Thank you La Conner garden lovers. You turned a gray, rainy day into something quite magical!

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