Coffee, Cookies and Fleece

Today, I went to town. I tried going as a community member, but darn it – I still felt like a tourist. I think I’m going have to work harder at this no-longer-a-tourist thing. But it was so fun! The sidewalks were full of happy, smiling people (many of whom were carrying bags with purchases – thank you so much for helping keep our shopkeepers in business.) and I thoroughly enjoyed myself. Except … it was 47° out. Hello Mother Nature – it’s SPRING. Can’t you at least turn up the heat a little bit??

Regardless of the outside temperature, it was very enjoyable to walk along and observe my fellow tourists. Oh, wait. I’m no longer a tourist. Let me rephrase that. It was very enjoyable to walk along and observe all of the tourists – because – you know – I’m a ‘townie’ now. Hmm…I like that. Townie. Has a nice ring to it.

Where was I? Oh. The 47°. I happened to sit on a bench for a few minutes to people-watch (even townies can do that – not just tourists) and overheard a funny conversation.

Woman in Red Fleece Jacket, Red Fleece Hat and Red Fleece Gloves: “Isn’t it fun to be all bundled up in fleece, sipping coffee and munching on a raspberry bar?”

Woman in Spring Green Fleece Jacket: “Whoever invented fleece is probably richer than Donald Trump”.

Man next to them (in light-weight jacket and shivering uncontrollably): “Hrrmp. Some guy named Patagonia invented fleece, not Donald Trump.”

Woman in Green: “No, I meant they were richer than Donald Trump.”

Shivering Man: “Can we go? I’m freezing.”

Woman in Red: “I TOLD you to bring your fleece jacket. I’m not leaving just because you’re cold. And it wasn’t Patagonia. It was some engineer who melted a plastic bottle and turned it into fleece.”

Shivering Man: “See that guy over there? He doesn’t even HAVE a jacket on. Geeze Louise. He must be from Alaska.”

Woman in Green: “I don’t care how cold it is. Isn’t this just the BEST day? It is absolutely gorgeous here. And those TULIPS! Haven’t we had just the BEST day?”

Woman in Red turns to me: “Aren’t you just having the BEST day ever? And did you SEE those tulips??!”

Me: “Absolutely” (and under my breath I say to myself … “and I get to spend every day here. I can sip coffee and eat a raspberry bar and enjoy this spectacular valley whenever I want. That’s pretty cool.”)

Shivering Man: “I’m freezing. I’m going to go find a fleece. One of these stores has got to sell jackets.”

Ah-Ha! He’s clearly a tourist. He has to go BUY A JACKET BECAUSE HE FORGOT HIS.

This little townie is feeling pretty smug ‘bout now.

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