Listen to, Play, and Shop for the World’s Finest Handmade Instruments at the La Conner Guitar Festival May 12-14

Nestled on the bank of the Swinomish Channel at the edge of the idyllic farm lands of the Skagit Valley in the great state of Washington, the town of La Conner has been host to some of the world’s famous artists, poets, and authors.   With such a history steeped in the arts, we couldn’t think of a better place to showcase the Art of Lutherie with some of the finest luthiers in the world.

guitar festivalThe La Conner Guitar Festival 2017 is a gathering of some of the finest luthiers* in the world.  It is a gathering where you can come and interact with the luthiers and see their work.  These artisans spend most of their time in their shops meticulously handcrafting some of the most fantastic instruments of a caliber not typically found in music stores or other retail. 

What is a great guitar without a great musician?  The musicians performing & teaching at the festival include award winning and Grammy winning guitarists for workshops and concerts. 

* luthier (lü-thē-ər, -tē-ər) noun: one who makes stringed musical instruments. 

The La Conner Guitar Festival will be held May 12th-14th, 2017

Box Office / Maple Hall : 9:30am – 6pm  Fri-Sunday


Maple Hall (104 Commercial St, the main venue)

  • The Luthiers Exhibition
  • The Vendors Room
  • Ongoing Mini-Concerts upstairs –
  • Evening Concert / Friday and Saturday nights

The Civic Garden Club (622 South Second St.)

  • Instructional Workshops
  • Evening Concert / Friday and Saturday nights

The La Conner Waterfront Café  (128 S. 1st Street):

The Festival Cabaret:  Take a break during the day, sit, relax, enjoy a beer or glass of wine, or have a bite to eat, while listening to instruments made by the exhibitors and played by some of the festival’s renowned musicians.

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