La Conner Dental Family

La Conner Dental provides a state-of-the-art facility with the highest quality dental care. Patients’ health and comfort are the top priority. You become part of the La Conner Dental family when you walk through the door. As a family, La Conner Dental values your trust and strives to consistently exceed your expectations.

No Pressure Dentistry

“We don’t believe in high-pressure dental treatment, and we see ourselves as educators and providers for the dental care you choose for yourself and your family,” says Dr. Brandon Atkinson. La Conner Dental provides comprehensive diagnoses and presents the findings to you. Dr. Atkinson and the team spend time answering your questions and explaining your treatment options so you can make the best decision. As professionals, the team offers you the ideal path to your health, but ultimately it is your health and your choice. “One of the most important aspects of what we do is help patients with oral health challenges become the healthiest they can be,” explains Dr. Atkinson. La Conner Dental works with you to develop a personalized preventive treatment routine to keep you looking and feeling your best.

Techniques & Technologies

Technology makes dentistry safer, more comfortable, and more predictable and increases the quality of care for patients. At La Conner Dental, Dr. Atkinson incorporates effective technology into our practice so you can achieve greater health more comfortably, making it impossible to keep you from smiling.

Dr. Brandon Atkinson

Dr. Brandon Atkinson grew up in rural Pennsylvania wrestling, playing football, helping his dad in his diesel shop, and helping his mom manage his siblings. At the same time, together, they all ran a landscaping business. His determination to be a dentist developed in his early teenage years.

While pursuing his education at Brigham Young University, Brandon recognized that Oregon Health Sciences University would prepare him best to be a dentist. Having never been to Oregon, he packed up his small family and headed west, knowing that was where he would earn his degree. Five years later and with four children in tow, Dr. Atkinson settled in Skagit Valley, where his wife, Kate, had grown up. Feeling at home in a smaller community where the connection with the community is the lifeblood, he has loved raising his family here while growing dental practices.

Dr. Atkinson’s parents were always helping people. Living in that environment couldn’t help but rub off on him, so as a result, he loves to contribute and help others when possible. His goal is to be a force for good in the community. When Dr. Atkinson isn’t with patients, he spends most of his time with one or several of his six children, watching round after round of golf or sitting on the bleachers watching soccer, basketball, or tennis. As several of his children are adults, they enjoy remodeling and real estate together and, best of all, grandchildren. He thoroughly enjoys spending time with his wife, who is often remodeling or building their latest project, and looking at real estate, especially when traveling, while trying to fit in a little tennis if there is any time left over.

“I grew up as the oldest son in a family of nine girls and two boys. My youngest sister, Lindsey, was born with Down Syndrome. It was my responsibility to take her to the dentist when she was four. The doctor immediately strapped her head and hands to a board terrifying her, without even trying to connect with her as a person. As she screamed, he worked on her without regard. I was repulsed by what I saw. My sweet sister was so traumatized and never wanted to return. I hoped nobody would ever have an experience like that again. I knew I couldn’t affect everyone, but I could be an option for some. I also love working with my hands and I knew I needed a profession where not only my mind was engaged but my hands as well.”