Town News – March 1, 2012

After 30 years of dreaming and 4 years of planning, the La Conner Boardwalk could soon become a reality. Recently, the Washington State Senate, encouraged greatly through the efforts of Senator Mary Margaret Haugen, included $750,000.00 in their proposed budget to fund phase one of the boardwalk project. The administration of the Town of La Conner is extremely excited about this development. We recognize that the implementation of a boardwalk will be a huge economic driver to help pull us out of the downturn and step up recovery for our local economy. Even in the toughest of economic cycles, we must seek to make investments that will reap a long term economic benefit for our communities.

Continued encouragement is required. Although the boardwalk has been proposed by the Senate, it must still be reviewed and accepted by the State House of Representatives before going on to the governor’s desk for her signature.  I call upon all of La Conner’s chamber members to contact Senator Haugen’s office and thank her for her leadership and vision. She recognizes that this is a game changer for the town, and will benefit both our business community and our residents for many, many years to come. Additionally, I would ask you to contact our state representatives and encourage them to support the La Conner Boardwalk project in this budget. (Our reps. are Barbara Bailey, 360-786-7914, and Norma Smith, 360-678-3604Senator Haugen’s phone number is 360-786-7618.

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