Mystic Art Supply & Lessons

109 Commercial St.
La Conner, WA


Mystic Art Supply & Lessons loves helping people to create things/art that they can be proud of!  Whether you use pencil, charcoal, watercolor, oil, acrylic, or any combination of mediums, Mystic Art Supply is here to support you.

Mystic Art Supply will be offering lessons in the near future, both online and in person.

And what is Mystic about Mystic Art Supply? In 1953, Time Magazine released an article about four local artists – Mark Tobey, Morris Graves, Kenneth Callahan, and Guy Anderson.  These famous artists are accredited for creating the “Northwest School” of art, dubbing them the “Northwest Mystics”. Bringing art and recognition to La Conner, these men made a huge impact on the art scene in Washington.