Swinomish Channel Dredging Completion Near

Dredging Photo January 3, 2013The contractor dredging the Swinomish Channel is nearing completion of the job, John Pell, project manager for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, reported today.

American Construction Co. Inc., of Tacoma, has removed nearly 220,000 cubic yards of materials from the channel bottom since dredging began on Sept. 19 of last year. The work is expected to finish on Jan. 12 or 13, Pell said. That means the project will be completed well within the so-called “fish window,” which closes Feb. 15.

The dredge Mukilteo was working at shoaling areas just north of La Conner today. From there, the barge will work its way south past downtown La Conner and finish at the spot known as “Hole in the Wall” next week.

Once the dredging is completed, the Corps will begin work on a post-dredge survey and will publish full charts of the channel after that, Pell said.

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