The Balance Point Social Club

This winter, I have had reason to spend a fair amount of time at Balance Point Physical Therapy. I didn’t even know these folks existed – because, after all, I was a tourist.

You see, when you think of yourself as a tourist – as I have done for several years now – when you need physical therapy you talk to your big-city doctor, who sends you to a big-city building (with $100/hour parking rates), to see a very nice- but overworked and chronically-behind-schedule physical therapist. Not that they aren’t well trained mind you (THEY ARE!), but it’s a hassle to get there, a hassle to park and a hassle to get back home.

And, because the whole place is full of big-city – albeit injured – people, they are all stressed out as well. They’re missing work. They’re going to be late for their dinner date. They’re going to miss the bus home, or the ballgame, or get stuck in traffic and miss happy hour.

They are there for one reason only. Get better fast, and then get going.

Cue the angel choir – because again I’ve had another tourist-turned-townie revelation.

Balance Point is not ANYTHING like what I’m used to. This local business is something quite remarkable.  Balance Point has amazing PT’s and delightful staff. It has that kind of vibe that just makes you smile when you walk in the door.

Balance Point is also the local gym. That’s correct. It’s not just an office for people in need of physical therapy. It’s more like a small-town social club.

On any given day, you’ll find locals there, working out along side patients. They’re chatting away with each other while they use the weight machines, or walk on the treadmill, or ride a bike. Sure, they’re serious about working out – and they do work hard at it. But they also clearly look forward to seeing their gym-mates each morning.

The best part is that no one is trying to impress anyone else. No fashionistas in spandex; no muscle-bound show-offs. These are very nice people who just happen to believe that staying in shape – while staying connected with their neighbors – is a very good thing.

I’m not yet part of the social club – partly because I don’t know very many people in town – and partly because I’m still a Balance Point patient.

But I can tell you this – it’s going to become my gym as well, because Balance Point rocks.

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