This is Why Customer Service is Important to Us!

We thought we would share an email we received from Jim and Jamie Crouch, who recently purchased a new boat and had a chance to use the services of the La Conner Marina. It’s so nice to get these messages – they reinforce our belief that our guests deserve really terrific customer service (especially when things aren’t going well!) and we’ll do whatever we can to offer that level of service every single time.

I would just like to take a minute or two and let you know about our first experience with launching at the La Conner Marina. We brought our new boat (well it is new to us) up this past Sunday at around 4:00 pm and was greeted by a nice young man named Robert. We explained to Robert, this was our first time using our new 1978 Glasply and wondered if we could sit at the dock for awhile just to make sure all looked good for the maiden voyage, he said that would be fine.

So we left, headed for Skagit Island to spend a couple of days. We just left the south entrance to the channel and headed for Skagit Island when the boat just quit. We were towed back to your marina and tied up at the launch dock around 6:15 pm or so. Robert was just leaving in his truck when he saw us. He could have just as easy drove right past on his way home. But no, he stopped and got out of his truck to see if we were okay. I assured him we were and that we would be his first customers out in the morning.

Jamie and I have been boating together for over 35 years and I grew up boating. I have been to a lot of docks and marinas and it is truly refreshing to meet up with someone as nice as Robert. The next morning Robert was there to lift us out and he even helped with carrying the dinghy up the ramp.

All to often you only receive letters when someone or something has gone wrong. This letter is to praise Robert; he sure made our short maiden voyage better by meeting him.

Thanks for reading this, maybe give Robert a pat on the back from us for a job well done!

-Jim & Jamie Crouch

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