Can You Find the 12 Letterboxes?

Letterboxing is a form of recreation that is fun for the whole family. A sponsor hides a box and then gives clues in hopes that others will find the box.

The Skagit Watershed Education Alliance has hidden 12 letterboxes, with more to come throughout the summer (see below for information on getting more clues to the newest boxes). There are educational boxes up and down the Skagit Watershed area—stop and learn something about where you go. You can start by getting a small journal, map or piece of paper to use as a logbook and an ink-stamp of your own. Our boxes contain a logbook and a stamp for you to stamp into your own personal logbook, and then stamp yours into our logbook. Put the logbook,
stamp and pad back in the box and the box back in its hiding place. Find them all!

The clues are on this poster – they will help you get started!

This adventure continues until September 23, 2012. Share your contact info and to receive the latest updates, information about the newest boxes and the End of the Trail party at: Their email address is If you have questions call 360 428 1054. Find Skagit Watershed Letterbox Trail at and follow the trail at Facebook.

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