La Conner’s Unofficial Daffodil Festival 2014

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***2015 UPDATE:  It’s now official for 2015!  Check out the La Conner Daffodil Festival page!***

If your plans don’t allow you to come to the Skagit Valley in April for the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival, but you have time in March – come to La Conner for the Unofficial Daffodil Festival!

Why ‘Unofficial’?

  • The Skagit Valley is internationally known for its tulips … and there’s a month-long festival to celebrate them. An ‘official Festival’.
  • La Conner doesn’t actually have a daffodil ‘Festival’ in the truest sense of the word.
  • However … the DAFFODIL – the lovely, cheery daffodil, actually fills our surrounding fields with wonderful, sunny, yellow loveliness for more days than the tulips do!
  • Not only that, but there are more big beautiful acres of daffodils than there are acres of tulips!

daffodils-01What can you do during our Unofficial Daffodil Festival?

  • Become an Unofficial Daffodil Photographer. Bring your camera! Our fields of bright yellow pop like fireworks against a backdrop of Cascade Mountains and Mount Baker.
  • Take an Unofficial Daffodil Pedal along our winding, mostly-flat and bike-friendly roads.
  • Become an Unofficial Daffodil Fun-Runner or Walker – instead of a bike, lace up your favorite shoes and explore La Conner’s historic side, or pound out some miles along stretches of gorgeous scenery.
  • Give a nod to our Unofficial Daffodil Festival Security Squad … our resident Bald Eagles spend their days keeping watch from their tree-top vantage points.  They love having their picture taken, by the way!
  • Sample our Unofficial Daffodil Festival-Inspired Menus. While we doubt you’ll find daffodil bulb & duck soup, we know you’ll find fresh, locally-grown and locally-harvested ingredients in all of our fabulous restaurants.
  • Join the team of Unofficial Daffodil Festival Shoppers– the beauty here is that with La Conner’s shopping options, you can purchase darn near anything that catches your eye and you get to decide if it qualifies for ‘unofficial’ status!
  • Read up on our Unofficial Daffodil Festival 101+ Things to Do. Well, okay, to be honest the list covers everything there is to do year-round, but it’s such a great list we know you’ll want to refer to it now, and when you come back for more La Conner fun!
© Kirsten Morse

© Kirsten Morse

Want to become an Unofficial Daffodil Festival Ambassador?  It’s easy! Just tell everyone you know that you attended La Conner’s Unofficial Daffodil Festival! Tell them how much fun you had, show them your photos, and help them plan a trip to La Conner! While you’re being an unofficial ambassador for us, be sure to remind them to come back to La Conner for the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival, April 1-30.



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