Salon Rouge – The Perfect Way to Treat Yourself and Gift to Others!

Tucked away in beautiful and inviting La Conner Washington is a truly amazing day spa that must be experienced while in the area. The Salon Rouge, Salon & Day Spa is no ordinary spa to be sure. It is a place of tranquility where healing, relaxation and calmness abound. High quality services and high-quality products are the hallmark of this La Conner mainstay. The primary mission of the warm, friendly and inviting Salon Rouge & Spa is to take special care of each and every guest through an enthusiastic, engaged and knowledgeable team of professionals.

Relaxing and Welcoming

This popular spa offers everything from hair care to a full range of spa services designed to focus on individualized treatment. It offers services with a devotion to those who enjoy being pampered in a relaxing and welcoming environment. Rachel Erickson and Karin Baldwin are co-owners of Salon Rouge. This hard-working mother and daughter team have established a local business here in La Conner Washington that is second to none. Situated in a 1890s La Conner structure, the Salon Rouge & Spa is surrounded by a grouping of other highly reputable businesses.

Popular Local Spa Destination

Genuinely unique and eclectic charm greets every customer and client arriving at Salon Rouge & Spa. The charm experienced outside the building is only the beginning of a very unique and relaxing experience when visiting this trusted local spa destination. The interior of the salon has impressive wood floors and is decorated in natural earth tones that envelope the senses. With relaxation, calm and a peaceful setting always a top priority, the Salon Rouge & Spa offers a much-needed escape from an otherwise busy and hectic lifestyle.


Laughter, happiness and jovial conversation help to make the experience even more genuine and rewarding. A visit to the Salon Rouge & Spa invokes a strong sense of community and camaraderie. The goal and objective of the spa has always been to build long-term relationships with a highly valued clientele. From world-class massage therapy to complete hair and nail treatments and a full range of other salon services, few other spas can compare. Estheticians (Those with a knowledge of the nature and appreciation of beauty), make-up consultants and others offer truly wonderful salon packages for just about every taste and every need. For the best in La Conner spa services call today!


What do you get when you combine a hardworking mother and daughter, an established local business, and a sincere determination to offer unparalleled customer service?

You get the team of Rachel Erickson and Karin Baldwin, co-owners of Salon Rouge!

In June of 2012 Rachel was offered the opportunity to purchase Salon Rouge from its former owners – who also happened to be part of Rachel’s mentor-network in the salon industry. She jumped at the chance, partly because she had always known she would own her own salon one day … but also because she knew that she would be able to continue the reputation that Salon Rouge had worked hard to build: highly-skilled staff offering amazing customer service in a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

In purchasing Salon Rouge, Rachel and Karin knew that they were ready to make their business a long-term investment, which is why they immediately attended a comprehensive 4-day salon ownership and management training in Connecticut. They learned what it takes to build a successful salon – dedication, hard work, and a keen sense of pride in their business, all wrapped up in a beautiful setting. Most importantly, says Rachel, “We returned to La Conner absolutely focused on the goal that our clientele will consistently be treated well, by our well-trained team.”

Visitors who have been coming to La Conner for years remember the charm of the Tillinghast Nursery and gift store at the entrance to La Conner – these days the original 1890’s structure has been transformed into a delightful grouping of businesses including Salon Rouge. The charm on the outside of the building is just the beginning, however.

Inside Salon Rouge, the handsome wood floors, and lovely brown walls and cream trim immediately envelope you with a sense of calm. It’s a warm and happy place – the laughter and conversation is honest and genuine and it’s clear that not only does the staff truly enjoy their clients and customers, but the clients and customers love being a part of the Salon Rouge ‘family.’  Stories continue from one visit to the next: sometimes it’s about family, a new grandchild, a first date; other times it’s about an upcoming wedding or the loss of a loved one. What resonates at Salon Rouge is a strong sense of community.

“There are lots of salons where the clientele comes and goes – but we don’t have that. We work hard to build a long-term relationship with our clientele,” says Rachel. She goes on to tell the story of a snowy winter day in La Conner, and a client who lives in Colorado during the winter. The client had flown up specifically to have her hair cut, colored and styled, but the roads were a mess. “She was so funny!” says Rachel. “She showed up in our parking lot with her snowshoes in the trunk of her car (in case her car got stuck) and her hair shoved under a hat, telling us ‘I was NOT about to miss my appointment!’ and we all had a good laugh. She trusts us; she’s part of our family. How cool is that?”

Not only does Salon Rouge offer complete hair and nail salon service, they also have massage therapists, esthetician, make-up consultants and offer wonderful salon packages for every taste and need. Throughout the space, you’ll also find fabulous finds – Rachel and Karin love traveling the world to see what’s new in fashion and makeup and then bringing it home to the U.S.

With a twinkle in her eye, Karin sums it up this way:  “You know, we love the way it feels here. This feels like home to us. We didn’t buy the salon simply to buy a business. We bought this salon because we truly want to feel good about our work – and continue to build our Salon Rouge family – every single day.”