Explore all that “MoNA” – The Museum of Northwest Art Makes Possible

Originally opening in 1981, The Museum of Northwest Art or MoNA offers free admission and is open every day of the week. This ensures the greatest level of access for all the members of a remarkably friendly and diverse community. The primary mission of this genuinely unique Pacific Northwest Museum is to bring together people through intriguing art, diverse culture and a friendly Northwest atmosphere. The museum strives to encourage creativity through a variety of exhibitions and various types of educational activities that explore a host of Northwest art.

Three Upcoming MoNA Shows Open October 14th & Run Thru January 7th

Mel Katz: Choices

Experience captivating and amazing artwork by one of Portland’s most revered sculptors, Mel Katz. This survey of remarkable artwork is appropriately titled Choices. Moving from New York in the 1960s, Mel chose Portland as a preferred venue to pursue art interests. This is where he began expanding beyond the rectangular canvas with curves that move beyond the usual picture frame borders. While trained as a painter, Mel became intrigued with sculpting. The materials he uses have varied widely over the years and include everything from plastic to steel and even wood. Mel is known as an artisan who is not afraid to take risks. Mel Katz’s captivating creations will be on display at the MoNA from October 14th through January 7th of 2017. Arrive early in the show cycle on October 14th at 1 PM to enjoy a free artist talk gathering.

Raven Skyriver: Submerge

Another excellent show that runs during the same time is the Raven Skyriver: Submerge. This is a truly unique sculpted and cut glass display. Raven Skyriver is a Stanwood Washington based artist who uses glass as a preferred artistic medium. Much of Raven’s art is centered on marine animals. This is largely due in part to his having lived in a natural setting during childhood on small islands throughout the Puget Sound. Known for always pushing the boundaries of glass to produce very inspiring artwork, Skyriver creates lifelike representations of marine life in a custom and special way. Explore the art of Raven Skyriver between October 14th and January 7th.

Hidden Narrative

Hidden Narrative is yet another unique presentation offered during the same timeframe at the MoNA. This is a show featuring free tours that are based upon a unique kind of learning strategy where art viewers are encouraged to interpret art and answer questions on what they see in a particular work or piece. This is the perfect opportunity for students young and old alike to explore art and expand their imagination. Also known as Visual Thinking Strategies, the idea is to engage students so that they are able to construct their own meanings of the artwork presented. Keep in mind that much of the artwork on display has hidden narratives waiting to be discovered. Click here to learn more and get involved!

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