Support La Conner Now – Visit Safely Later!

We Love La Conner and know that you do too!  Not only is La Conner a beautiful place to visit,  but it is also a place filled with creative and beautiful people.  It’s these folks you meet when you visit La Conner that help make your stay in La Conner authentic, memorable, and relaxing.  Since the outbreak of COVID-19, the community of La Conner has taken measures to keep everyone as safe as possible.  In doing so, they’ve taken on insurmountable financial losses and many are struggling to stay afloat.

Now is the perfect time to thank these folks by (1) NOT visiting until it is deemed safe to do so, (2) continuing to plan your trip for when it IS safe and (3) pay for that trip you’ll have later in the season today by purchasing gift certificates and/or gift cards.

We will be here for you when it’s safe for you to return.  By supporting our businesses now, you are helping the community of La Conner, small and family-owned, stay in business so that they can continue to welcome you back from years to come. 

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