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I’ve lived in La Conner since 2004. I’ve been coming to La Conner since 1986. And I have a confession to make. I had no idea of the breadth and the depth of the arts community we have here. No. Idea.

I knew we had 3 museums, and I knew we had several galleries, and I have heard that at least one famous artsy person lives here (I have also heard that we have more than one, but as of yet I’ve not met any of them). I’ve been to an occasional concert at Maple Hall. I knew that the museums had exhibits. And I was at Seeds one night when they had live music in the bar.

But here’s what I’ve learned in the past week, that has me not only scratching my head at what clearly was not on my radar, but finds me in awe of how much this little town loves their art (regardless of whether it’s fine art, quilt art, visual art, musical art, theater art, costume art or culinary art).

In October alone, I count nearly 30 things going on. Everything from two concerts in Maple Hall to brand new exhibits at all three museums; from wine tastings to live music and dinner theater, and from a book reading (and accompanying Zombie Walk) to a Halloween parade. You can’t possibly be bored here in October. It’s. Not. Possible.

Here’s a link to the Chamber of Commerce Calendar of Events – be sure to click on the details for each event because even the write-ups are simply wonderful.

Many of you reading this blog visit La Conner only in the spring for tulips, or in the summer during boating season. But you’re missing out! Not only is it gorgeous here right now, but there are fewer people and there is less traffic. The restaurants nearly always have a table open and are serving amazingly yummy dishes made from local produce, the shopkeepers have stocked up on all sorts of wonderful things for your early holiday shopping, and the Inns and Lodge have cozy fires in their fireplaces and cider on the sideboards.

Even the vibe this time of year is a bit more … um … I guess you’d call it ‘laid back’. If you like being part of the local scene, this is what you’re looking for.

And here’s the thing –  if you’re at all interested in the art scene (that’s fine art, quilt art, visual art, musical art, theater art, costume art or culinary art), the choices you have are out of this world. This is a tiny town, folks – and the quality of the art here is outstanding.

This is a fabulous time of year to come hang out in La Conner – grab your fleece and come on over. We’ll all be by a fire, sipping a glass of wine and noshing on spiced pumpkin seeds (from local pumpkins, of course!). Hope to see you soon.

p.s. If you can’t come in October but early November is free for you, Arts Alive! is one of our annual signature arts events. You can find more details by clicking on the Chamber of Commerce link above.

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