Dock Hands – They’re what make a marina a great place to visit!

Dock Hand Andy Kirk

My husband and I are boaters, and like most boaters we can tell you some interesting stories about docking our sailboat at a guest dock … in a stiff breeze – when the current is running hard (and more often than not in the wrong direction for us) – and there are 200 sets of eyes watching us from their safely secured boats. Sometimes it’s not very fun, and it’s often rather nerve-wracking.

And that, boating friends, is where really great Dock Hands come in.

Great Dock Hands hail you to let you know they are there to help you. Then, knowing the idiosyncrasies of their particular dock – in their particular water – they can talk you in, grab lines, and help get you secured. Great Dock Hands are the best friend a boater can ever have.

What we’ve learned over the years is that there are some marinas that consistently have wonderful Dock Hands. La Conner Marina is definitely one of them.

Dock Hand Lauren Kamps

The La Conner Marina Dock Hands always have smiles on their faces (even when they’ve got a whole lot of boats who all happen to arrive at the same time), they are knowledgeable about the Swinomish Channel and how the current will affect your particular boats docking plan, and they are friendly to a fault.

They have these nifty golf carts to run around in and with a little bit of notice, they can take you to Pioneer Market to grab some provisions, or they’ll drive you to your favorite restaurant for a tasty lunch, a cold drink, or a terrific dinner.

Dock Hand Zach Helms

We’ve been to many docks in many locations within the Puget Sound, and for the most part we’ve enjoyed them all. But one of the biggest reasons why we love the La Conner Marina (and guest docks) so much is because of the Dock Hands.

As our kids would say, “La Conner Marina Dock Hands ROCK.”

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