Skagit County Historical Museum is Re-Opening

The Skagit County Historical Museum is opening to the public at 25% capacity after having been closed since November 14th!

New Exhibit

jesus guillen skagit valleyNot only is the museum opening again, but it is featuring a new exhibit! “We have a wonderful new exhibit – Jesus Guillen: An artistic legacy of love and courage – that no one has seen!” says Jo Wolfe, Director, Skagit County Historical Museum. Jesus Guillén was a noteworthy regional artist who died in 1994 but remains an important part of the art history of the Skagit Valley. Born in Texas in 1926, Mr. Guillén was a migrant agricultural worker who first encountered the La Conner area when he arrived to pick strawberries in 1961. Soon after, he moved his family to a farmworkers’ camp on a local farm and eventually to their longtime family home in La Conner very near this Museum. Throughout his life and enervating hours of work, he maintained the disciplined artistic practice that led to the work you will see in this exhibit.

Fun & Challenging

The Skagit County Historical Museum first was introduced as an idea by the Pioneer Association in the late 1950s wanting to create a Historical Society. The Skagit County Historical Museum came to life in 1968. The museum has had 50 plus wonderful years preserving and presenting the history of Skagit County ‘at the top of the hill’. When asked what is the most fun part of working at the museum, Wolfe comments, “learning the stories of Skagitonians, past & present.” The most challenging aspects are getting the funding to do the programs they would like to and having enough space to preserve and present all the wonderful artifacts in their care!

Favorite Patrons – Kids!

Seeing kids visiting the museum and getting excited as they learn about the Skagit Valley history is a rewarding part of working at the museum.  Jo Wolfe tells us the story of her favorite moment.  A Grandpa and Grandson were visiting the museum. Grandpa said that the boy had come on a school tour and wanted to share it with Grandpa. As Grandpa reached for his wallet to pay, the grandson said ‘No – I got this, Grandpa’, and pulled out the Family Pass that the museum gives to all students who come on school tours. Then he proceeded to give Grandpa a full tour – sharing what he had learned from the docents.” “That is why we do what we do!” explains Wolfe.


Be sure to visit the museum for the Jesus Guillen exhibit and also mark your calendars for the upcoming exhibit this summer: Hugo Helmer: Skagit’s Own Music Man. 

Museum hours are Friday, Saturday, and Sunday 11 AM to 4 PM. The Museum is located at 501 S. 4th Street, at the top of the hill in La Conner. Admission: Adults $5, Seniors $4, Families $10. As always, Members are free! You can also pick up your Skagit Valley Museum Passport.  For more information call 360.466.3365 or visit the website.

“We are the Skagit County Historical Museum – sharing the history of all of our amazing county. The diversity of our beloved Skagit,” says Wolfe.