La Conner Marina: One Stop for All Your Needs

marinas near san juan islandsWhen you’re planning a boating excursion, you often have to start planning far ahead of time. Sure, there’s packing your personal items, but there’s also all the other items like fuel and provisions. It takes a lot of time and energy just getting ready!

What if your boating trip could have more boating to it, and less planning and preparations to it? It can, and here’s how to do it.

Instead of spending hours at your local store buying all your groceries, fueling up at the closest fuel dock and making sure you’ve had your holding tank(s) pumped, just load your bags and head for La Conner Marina. We’re easy to get to – from either the Puget Sound or Canadian waters – and we offer everything you need.


La Conner Marina guest docks are just a few-block walk to the local grocery store – during summer season our dock hands would be happy to give you a ride up to the store in one of our golf carts. You’ll find everything you need to stock your galley for a short trip or extended excursion, including a great deli and extensive wine selection. While you’re out and about, be sure to stop for an ice cream cone in town … although if you have an on-board freezer you can even by ice cream treats at the store!


Centrally located along the Swinomish Channel and between our north and south guest docks is the fuel station. You’ll find friendly staff who are happy to grab a line and get you settled, then help you off the dock when you’re done. A note – the fuel dock has a handy ‘current direction arrow’ outside just to the left of their door (they change the arrow as the current shifts from north/south to south/north) … take a quick look and then set your boat up to come into the dock against the current. Sounds counter-intuitive to some boaters, but take it from experienced mariners who are familiar with docking in La Conner – docking against the current makes it much easier!


Our guest docks also have pump-out stations located at the north end of F dock and the south end of G dock. If you’re not comfortable pumping on your own, check with the Marina office for the name and phone number of local mobile pump-out companies that make regular stops in La Conner.

Boating Services

While you’re at our guest docks, if you need parts, extra lines, or even a patch on some canvas, you’ll find our marina service businesses ready to help you. And most of them are also an easy walk from the guest docks. Here’s the current list of our service businesses.

Less Planning, More Boating!

Next time you’re planning a trip and think you have to have everything on board before you even leave your home dock or marina, think again. Just pack your personal gear, hop in board, and head for La Conner Marina. We’ve got everything you need to get you started of right!

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