MoNA – A Pacific Northwest Museum Experience that is Second to None

Tracing its beginnings back to the early 1980s, The Museum of Northwest Art or MoNA is definitely a great place to spend an afternoon. For the absolute best in unique Pacific Northwest art, MoNA is a smart choice for anyone of any age or any background. Offering a wide range of exhibits and many different kinds of educational events and activities, there is fun and learning on tap for the whole family. Here are just a few of the inspirational exhibits that can be enjoyed when visiting The Museum of Northwest Art this winter.  Stay the weekend to enjoy all La Conner has to offer!

Holly Andres: The Homecoming
January 20 through March 25
January 20, 1PM, Artist Talk; 2-5PM, Opening Reception

This is a fun and interesting artistic adventure focused on storytelling. In essence, this exhibit seeks to understand how stories are told through artistic expression. It also looks at how art is able to spread or propagate a message in today’s world. It even explores the idea that multiple stories can be conveyed in a single piece of artwork or in a photograph. From discussions about cultural trends to even how different objects are portrayed through stories, many subjects are examined. A photographer with a contemporary flair, Holly Andres specializes in telling stories that are both dramatic and compelling. Make note of the upcoming exhibit dates and times to make sure you don’t miss this truly special event.


Katie Creyts : Wilderland
​January 20 through March 25
January 20, 2-5PM, Opening Reception;  March 24, 3PM, Artist Talk

Because this is a time when The Museum of Northwest Art will focus specifically on storytelling through artistic expression, there are multiple exhibits that explore this unique and intriguing concept. Katie Creyts : Wilderland is one such example that is tasked with understanding how storytelling is portrayed through art. The exhibition is comprised primarily of a number of scenes that are fable -like. It includes characters, objects and places that have been used in an artistic fashion to show relationships and adaptations. The exhibit also looks at the unique coexistence of our modern humanity and how it relates to wildlife. Mark your calendar and be sure not to miss Katie Creyts : Wilderland this winter at the MoNA.


For the Masses
​January 20 – March 25
January 20, 2-5PM, Opening Reception

Yet another exhibit centered-around storytelling as it relates to art is For the Masses. The exhibit takes us back to the 1930s and helps us to know a respected and trusted printmaker by the name of Helen Loggie. This icon of art of the 1930s attended the Arts Students League of New York. She later chose to study art by way of touring Europe to fully grasp the varied and international aspects of artistic expression. Returning with many sketches that included European scenes and more specifically beautiful and dramatic cathedrals, she made a name for herself in the world of art. Helen Loggie eventually settled on Orca’s Island back in the 1930s and then turned her focus to cathedrals inspired by the Pacific Northwest. Plan to attend this delightful and highly educational event as presented by the MoNA.



Through Their Eyes a Northwest Youth Services Photography Project
​January 20 through March 25
January 20, 2-5PM, Opening Reception

 Equally worth noting is the Through Their Eyes a Northwest Youth Services Photography Project. This is an outstanding wintertime exhibit as presented by the MoNA. It is an impressive collaboration of artistic photography as conveyed by youth that have had a challenging early life. Young local at risk children that included the homeless and runaways were provided disposable cameras. This allowed them to participate in this unique project made possible by the Northwest Youth Services. In essence, the project was intended to document the experiences of young at risk children as they experienced their life and shared it through the camera lens. This is just one more example of the wonderful events and exhibits on display at The Museum of Northwest Art this winter.